Internet Marketing Genius

Do you have an idea or product that you are looking to make viral on the internet? Let my many years of elite mass marketing skills be the magic that will make your product or service the next big thing! I have been in Headline News world wide for past marketing endeavours that have taken the world by storm.

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Google Chrome Extensions Development

I have developed and released several amazing extensions which many people use every day in their Chrome browsers. All of my extensions are featured and available to download in the Google Chrome Store .
My Most Downloaded and used to date is my Google+ Public Hangouts Extension……..

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Have You Heard The News?

Have you heard the news? Besides being featured in the Guinness Book Of World Records 2010, I have been interviewed by many television shows, featured in front page headlines of hundreds of newspapers world wide and adorned the pages of magazines, best seller books and done plenty of radio show appearances since 2003!

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I am featured in the Fall Edition of Kiblind Magazine (French European Print Magazine On News stands in  France/Belgium/Switzerland) You can take a peek at their Online version here : or If you are in that part of Europe, pick up a copy for yourself.

I really think the article in the Globe and Mail from last week here really summed up the new Canadian anti-spam law quite well.

It is clear that the vast majority of Canadians who have openly discussed the new law, both in the media and on the web, think it is ridiculous, with fines and penalties just as ridiculous as the fine I was given, $873 Million dollars U.S for allegedly mass posting four million messages on Facebook for members to buy products. This fine was enforced in Canada by a Canadian Superior Court judge, prior to this new Canadian Anti-Spam law coming into effect. I personally after having dealt with our Canadian legal system and seeing just how backwards it truly is, am not surprised in the least to see the new law come into effect, following in the string of questionable and unconstitutional legal decisions at the hands of Canadian law makers and those in a position to enforce them.

Let’s bring to light a very important fact here, most Canadians are not aware that Canada Post depends on twenty-seven percent of their annual revenue from filling up your mailbox with fliers and other forms of paper advertisements mostly printed on non-recycled paper and such a volume that has a very clear negative environmental impact, yet this is not spam and not covered under the new Canadian Anti-Spam law put into force by the same Government that runs Canada Post. The Government has no way to…


Please watch the video in this post that I made to visually show what happened. Basically, Google has been forcefully disableing  many extensions in the Chrome Store, ones that have been there for many months and even longer, no warning at all. Everyone using my extensions that I built has been seeing a popup message in chrome saying that my extensions have been disabled because they may have been downloaded with out their knoldge etc. This is a real low move and I was not hosting my extensions on any external servers either, so they can not claim that is the reason.  How do you feel about this situation?


Google Forcefully Disables Chrome Extensions made by Adam Guerbuez from Adam Guerbuez on Vimeo.

Google Forcefully Disabled two chrome extensions that I produced and made available through their Chrome Store this week. I made these both back in mid 2013 and hundreds of chrome browser users have been using my extensions for many months with no issues and have been very greatful for my tools that I worked hard on to give back to the community. I started getting emails and calls from people asking me why my extensions are no longer working in their browsers and why Google has forced them to be disabled, claiming that they may have been installed without their permission… Watch the video for more info and come to your own conclusions on what exactly…


There is a story on Canada’s first Pot vending machine that is fully operational in Vancouver, BC, right now. Global News covers the story here


Below is my own exclusive method, only a method for reading entertainment purposes only. I do not engage in such activity, I am only writing a unique article about an idea for others to enjoy reading. I do not encourage anyone to act on any of it, hope you enjoy the read.

Back before caller id existed, it was so easy to call your local pizza joint and order some pizza and send it to someone’s house to bother them. Things have changed a lot and these restos and other businesses that you can call to deliver services like taxi cabs, store delivery and more all have safe guards in place to prevent people from abusing their delivery system. Now when you call somewhere for delivery, they will ask you for your phone number or they will confirm the one that shows to them on their caller id, take your order and then call you back to confirm your order. We all know how this works, we have all done it in the past many times for sure. Get ready though for what I am about to disclose with you, it will shock many but pizza and fast food are child’s play compared to the other things I am going to outline for you all.

My method to bypass these measures that are in place to prevent just anyone from calling up and ordering services to someone else’s address to overload them with knocks on the door and pissed off drivers…


Over the years I have mastered many methods that I use to track people online, not the traditional ways like typing their name into Google and going through the results, I mean actually pinpointing people’s actual locations, getting their IP address without them even knowing or doing anything asked of them, legal documents, court records, what sites they are active on or own, what businesses or jobs they are involved in etc. All this from merely a nickname, yes an internet nickname they made up, in the hopes of keeping low key and somewhat anon. I have demonstrated my methods several times to many people who are usually always blown away by the results I can gather with virtually no information about the person in question. My methods are not ones you will find from an online search on how to find people etc, these are many of my own built from the ground up and some that others in my field have shared with me that help me with my missions. Over the years I have assisted many people to find individuals who have fallen off the map, where private detectives have failed, I prevailed. My skill set involves several resources both online and offline, many refer to the offline types of methods being “social engineering”, this is the art of what to say and who to say it to and get what you want as an answer.

Such tasks that I have pulled off in the past include,…

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